Wilmer, Co-Founder, President



2018 Model 3 Dual Motor
2020 Model Y LR AWD
2021 CyberTruck Dual Motor
Father, Husband, friend, electrical engineer, + seasoned-tech.
Foodie, Snow-lover + attracted to the newest + coolest gadgets.
Fun Fact(s): Wilmer was featured on NBC for camping outside Tesla Walnut Creek in 2016 - as one of the first to place a deposit for the Model 3! And the most wild coincidence of all? The same news story features Wilmer, & AL! 3+ years before ever meeting, both stood in the same line to pre-order that day! Fate? Destiny? Do you believe in coincidence?

Video of Wilmer and Al on News

Al can be seen at 00:59 secs & Wilmer is interviewed at 01:50 secs



Al, Co-Founder

2017 Model X 75D
2017 Model 3 Rwd Long Range
2020 Model Y LR AWD
2021 Cybertruck Tri Motor
Husband, Father of 2, Restauranteur, EV Advocate, Snowboard, CraftBeer, & Whisky.
Fun Fact(s): AL actually first fell in love with Tesla in 2013 and he rented a 2012 Model S in San Francisco in order to propose to his wife Michelle. He also delivers his restaurant taco catering orders in his Tesla.

Chad, Co-Founder



2018 Model 3 Performance
2021 Cybertruck Tri Motor
Husband, educator, basketball coach, foodie and will travel for food! Totally mesmerized with all ‘things’ space.
Fun Fact(s): My wife (Michelle) and I were investigating hybrid vehicles and really knew nothing’s about EV’s. Walked into the Tesla store in downtown Walnut Creek on a whim and I scheduled a test drive in the MS, ‘just for fun.’ 🤯 Mind blown! About a week after the test drive, our friend brought over his M3 so my wife could drive it. That very night we put down a deposit.

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