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2018 Model 3 Dual Motor
2020 Model Y LR AWD
2021 CyberTruck Dual Motor
Father, Husband, friend, electrical engineer, + seasoned-tech.
Foodie, Snow-lover + attracted to the newest + coolest gadgets.
Fun Fact(s): Wilmer was featured on NBC for camping outside Tesla Walnut Creek in 2016 - as one of the first to place a deposit for the Model 3! And the most wild coincidence of all? The same news story features Wilmer, & AL! 3+ years before ever meeting, both stood in the same line to pre-order that day! Fate? Destiny? Do you believe in coincidence?

Video of Wilmer and Al on News

Al can be seen at 00:59 secs & Wilmer is interviewed at 01:50 secs



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2017 Model X 75D
2017 Model 3 Rwd Long Range
2020 Model Y LR AWD
2021 Cybertruck Tri Motor
Husband, Father of 2, Restauranteur, EV Advocate, Snowboard, CraftBeer, & Whisky.
Fun Fact(s): AL actually first fell in love with Tesla in 2013 and he rented a 2012 Model S in San Francisco in order to propose to his wife Michelle. He also delivers his restaurant taco catering orders in his Tesla.



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2018 Model 3 Performance
2021 Cybertruck Tri Motor
Husband, educator, basketball coach, foodie and will travel for food! Totally mesmerized with all ‘things’ space.
Fun Fact(s): My wife (Michelle) and I were investigating hybrid vehicles and really knew nothing’s about EV’s. Walked into the Tesla store in downtown Walnut Creek on a whim and I scheduled a test drive in the MS, ‘just for fun.’ 🤯 Mind blown! About a week after the test drive, our friend brought over his M3 so my wife could drive it. That very night we put down a deposit.



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2018 Model 3 Performance with FSD
2022 Model 3 Long Range
Foodie, dirt trail hiker, road tripper, ping pong lover, wine taster, software developer, electric vehicle enthusiast, dog father, local business supporter
Fun Fact(s): Most photos on my phone are of my pup Piper. Sharing my electric vehicle ownership experience in San Diego. Gathering Tesla efficiency statistics on my site Documenting FSD Beta adventures on YouTube.



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2020 Model S Raven
I'm giving her a new name for 2021 - Black Beauty. Black on black S, carbon fiber trim, chrome deleted handles, rims and the 'side eyes'. Work in progress..... but simply beautiful in my eyes.
Fun Fact(s): Caribbean island girl who white water rafts every summer except for 2020, of course. Hiked up half dome with over a dozen friends. I've run numerous 1/2 marathons and still do all the 10 and 12 K's that I can fit into my schedule. Most favorite is the Bay to Breakers run.



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2018 Model 3 LR RWD
Mom of 2, Epic Analyst by Day and Foodie by Night,
Coffee Snob, Wine Connoisseur and Hello Kitty Fan
Fun Fact(s): The day of the Model 3 Reveal back in 2016, my friend told me all about Tesla. I didn't know much about Tesla yet and started researching on my laptop in the kitchen. But sure enough, I watched the reveal online and gave Elon my $ deposit. I was sold on the promise of Full Self Driving. I had just started a 2 - bridge commute back then and pictured myself sleeping in my car on my way to work. We might not be there yet, but we will be very soon!



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2017 Model S 75D
Hockey fan, Chicago native, EV enthusiast
Fun Fact(s): In 2017, I put down the deposit for a Model 3 and then test drove a Model S. That’s all it took! Ordered it the next week (and canceled the Model 3 reservation). My only regret is not getting as much range as I should have...lesson learned for the next EV! And I moved to CA after the winter in 1979 in Chicago where the windy city broke records of the snowiest winter on record and I had to have customers help me push my car out of parking places where I was stuck!